Linda Neace - OFRW President 2018-2019


First, let me say to all of you how humble I am to be elected as your State President.

Secondly, I have evaluated our organization and looked at how we can come together and be more unified. I feel color represents a form of non-verbal communication and it represents a covenant for all of us.

 We as women and our State need to come together in support.

Brightness is bringing all together in support and reaching to one another and encourage all to be the best they can be. “Change Begins with Us”, it is time for us to step out of our box.

My goal for the coming year is to meet the needs of our members:

Increase Membership - Keep our clubs vibrant and fresh, be open to change, be flexible, keep retention in our clubs

Encourage and facilitate cooperation, communication among our members and our Clubs

Promote and Inform public through political education and activities

Leadership/mentoring clubs

Be a better tomorrow by offering an active organization in which to participate as volunteers or professionals at every level of government.