Holly Swanson

Holly Swanson is the author of the books

Set Up & Sold Out & Training for Treason


Find Out What Green Really Means

Holly is a leading authority on the undisclosed political agenda of the Green movement. National and international headlines continue to confirm her message.

She is known for exposing the plan to use public education as a tool to politically indoctrinate America’s children (pre-school through university) to support the goals of the Greens, Party and movement.

Holly is the founder and director of Operation Green Out!, a national campaign dedicated to getting Green politics out in the open and out of America’s schools. A national speaker and frequent guest on local and national talk radio, Holly is recognized for her work to preserve free thought and individual freedom.

“In Set Up & Sold Out, Holly Swanson boldly exposes the political underpinnings of the “go green” campaign in America by contrasting our nation’s founding principles of freedom with the leftist agenda of the Green movement. Set Up & Sold Out presents a powerful case, backed by plentiful evidence, against the political ideology of the sustainability movement and prompts serious concern about Education for Sustainability programs.”

--- National Association of Scholars

“Swanson’s well documented and insightful text uncovers the powerful political connections between the socialist agenda and modern day environmentalism. You will never view the environmental movement the same after reading this account.”

--- Stewards of the Range

“This is what I like about your book Set Up & Sold Out, finding out what Green really

means. It’s everything that I’ve always thought, everything that I always say on this

radio station and you’ve encapsulated it in a book and I absolutely love it.”

--- Brian Sussman, KSFO San Francisco



Holly Swanson Speaks to JCRW by JCRW Newsletter Editor Ruth Brodman

Holly Swanson—Author of Set Up & Sold Out and Founder Activist of the Green Out Movement spoke to the JCRW on Thursday April 9th 2009  at the Monthly Luncheon meeting.

She motivated the entire group and many of our members signed up to help in this very important movement against the Green Machine—really the Communist Party in hiding under the guise of Global Warming; among one of many organizations that have flocked to this cause in hope of changing America into a Socialized State.

This is a cause to fight against because it attacks the heart and soul of our country.  Our Children.

This subversive movement has already hijacked public education to politically indoctrinate or brainwash our Children.  They have been doing it for the past 40 years. They have politicized the curriculum to dictate how our children will think, live and vote.  The one party system in our schools has become the norm. This program is designed to change our children’s religious, social, economic and political beliefs.

Two generations have already been turned.  However there is hope and it must start at the grass roots level. By us.  If we can ban together as a nation on April 15th in over 2000 cities with hundreds of thousands joining in the fight against the unfair bailouts and the out of control spending we can do this here on a local level.

 Holly made us aware of a Federal Law called the “Protection of Pupil Rights 20 U.S. Code 1232h” subheading “Inspection by parents or guardians of instructional material. In a nutshell—”All instructional material, including teacher’s manuals, films, tapes, or other supplementary instructional material which will be used in connection with any research or experimentation program or project shall be available for inspection by the parents or guardians of the children engaged in such program or project.  For the purpose of this section “research or experimentation program or project means any program or project in any applicable program designed to explore or develop new or unproven teaching methods or techniques.”

The law also prevents a student from being asked to divulge  his political affiliation, mental & psychological problems, sex behavior, illegal, anti social self-incriminating & Demeaning behavior, critical appraisals of other individuals with whom students have close family relationships, income without the prior consent of the student if an adult or without prior written consent of the parent.

We have a plan to get the local school curriculum.  This would be a first step in looking into what our students are learning.  We can then formulate a plan. We need serious volunteers to assist in this effort.  If you wish to help write to holly at greenout@earthlink.net .

We highly recommend that all read her book.  The information is excellent, well done and an eye opener.  For myself I am on my third reading.  A fountain of good information. Please write to Holly if you wish to receive a copy.