By Valerie Smullen -MELP Chair






Publisher:  Jameson Books, 2009


Former California State Senator H.L. Richardson has written an insightful treatise on why we Republicans keep losing major elections.  He sees an electorate divided into two groups – the traditionalists, who are generally Republicans and conservative, and the humanists who are generally Democrat and liberal ideologues.  The traditionalists are forthright and honest because they believe in a higher being and the value system created by Western Civilization.  On the other hand, the humanists lack a moral compass and therefore will resort to any means to achieve their ends.  They are also well organized and keep building and financing their networks while the traditionalists tend to be focused on their own lives and don’t remain active when after they assume their goals have been reached.



This is folly, says Richardson.  Unless we traditionalists become as organized and as dedicated to our ideals as the humanists are to theirs, our country will become just another weak socialist democracy and the  dreams of our Founding Fathers will wither and die.



In this 110 page book Richardson outlines a plan of action to save our country and he sees the Republican Party as the only realistic mechanism to achieve that goal. 



This  is a “must” read for every traditionalist who is a political activist.  I highly recommend it.  Not only does it teach us how to provide the tools we need but it is witty and enjoyable while we learn.